We own many flatbed trucks with 6 to 10 wheels with winch and articulated mast trucks (hiab) to help you move your equipment. Everything, from the grass tractor to the farm tractor, from truck lifts of all sizes to construction site vehicles. From your balcony to your garden shed, Groupe Direct Ouest inc. is here to do the transport.

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Specialized transportation

Groupe Direct Ouest inc. operates a large fleet of trucks and trailers with added axles, for all kinds of loads. That allows us to transport machinery, heavy load equipment or out-of-norms merchandise.

We also own many trucks and tilt-and-load trailers to transport all types of equipment or commercial/industrial machinery. With vehicles equipped with air suspension, the transportation is smooth in order to protect the most sophisticated equipment.

Modular unit transportation

Groupe Direct Ouest inc. has developed an expertise to move modular units or built structures with excessive lengths, widths or heights. We take care of the self-loading with our avant-garde equipment. With our well-equipped fleet, our up-to-date trailers and our transportation specialists, the journey of your valuable load is smooth and safe. Transporting your merchandise is a priority for Groupe Direct Ouest inc.

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Seasonal transportation

Groupe Direct Ouest inc. can help you to transport your boat, for launching in water or in retrieving it from water. We can also help you with transporting your fishing hut.

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Car fleet transportation

Groupe Direct Ouest inc. is trusted as a transporter by the largest car manufacturers.

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